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Sai Teerth Shirdi

Experience a magical holy journey only at Sai Teerth, India’s first immersive theme park dedicated to the most worshipped secular saint of all times - Saibaba. Sai Teerth by Malpani Group is one of the modern wonders, which combines devotion with technology and entertainment.


Water Park at Shirdi

Malpani Group has two prestigious water parks under the brand name ‘Wet N-Joy’. The first one, being inaugurated in 2007, is in the holy town of Shirdi, Maharashtra. And our second one was recently inaugurated in 2016, is now bringing thousands of smiles to Lonavala, Maharashtra. Both the water parks showcase two of the largest wave pools in India, assortments of world class thrill rides, rain dance and various other fun activities. All the activities in the park by life guards and helpers at all times.

Shani shinganapur

Shani Shinganapur is a village located in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. It is about 80 km from Sangamner. The presiding deity of Shinganapur, Sri Shaneshwara or Lord Shanidev- the personification of the planet Saturn is worshipped with utmost reverence and devotion by multitudes of people from all over the world. The spectacle of the deity in black stone is overwhelming. A unique aspect of this place is, that no temple structure houses the Shanidev. There is only a simple platform on which stands the swayambhu idol, in black stone.


Gargoti Museum

Located 35 kms from Sangamner on Nashik-Shirdi highway is a small bustling town Sinnar, renowned for the award winning mineral museum called Gargoti Museum. It is one of the best museums in the world with large collection of zeolites which are micro porous crystalline solids with well defined rich structures similar to that of diamonds or other precious stones. 'Pride of India', 'Sarswati Puraskar', 'Sinnar Gaurav' are some among the awards that has given to appreciate this mesmerizing museum founded by Mr. Krishna Chandra Pandey, an ex merchant navy officer.

Mount Kalsubai

At 1,646 mts, Mount Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra. A favourite of trekkers it had great strategic importance during the Maratha wars as an observation post. There is a small temple all the top with an old well in its backyard. It is said that the water level in the well has never dropped below 3ft.


Wilson Dam (Bhadardara)

Built way back in 1910 on the Pravara-River and standing 150 mts high, Wilson Dam is the largest earthen dam in India- a powerful testimony to the engineering skills of days gone by. During the monsoon, when the level of the lake rises, the dam opens its gates to release a torrent of water that finds its way down to the plains below. You could stand at the edge of the garden embankment and enjoy the cool spray, or visit the picturesque Umbrella Falls, which are another major attraction during the monsoon.

Ratangad Fort

This ancient fort was one of Shivaji's favourites. Very popular with nature lovers and trekkers, it offers spectacular views from its ramparts


Harishchandra Fort

Harishchandragad is a good destination for trekking and camping. distance between sangamner to harishchandragad is 2 h 5 min (67.6 km) via MH SH 44. The popular base village for Harishchandragad trek is Khireshwar village however there are a few other villages that you can have as a base for Harishchandragad trek like Pachnai or Kothale. Harishchandragad trek is one of the difficult and long treks and is not recommended in Summer. The best season for Harishchandragad trek is just after monsoons and winters.


Built in 1100 AD, this temple has been constructed in the distinct Hemadpanthi style. It is temple of Lord Shiva